Men of Mayhem: A Mafia Anthology

JL Beck, Lisa Cardiff, J.L. Drake, Douglas Esper, E.J. Fechenda, Marita A. Hansen,
Mia Hoddell, Soraya Naomi, Ginger Ring, Amy Rachiele, Sara Schoen, Ashlee Taylor

Twelve stories exploring the lives and loves of the men with connections to the mafia, who ride the line between right and wrong and skirt the boundaries of good and evil. They reshape the law to suit their purposes and live by a code of ethics that few people understand. Walking on the darker side of life, they live intensely, are vehement in their beliefs, and passionate about the people they love. Often misunderstood by all except the women who are bold enough to love them, they live, breathe, and love by their own set of rules and make no excuses for their actions.


This twelve story anthology is a unique compilation of tales that come together to give readers a glimpse into the darker side of love as it pertains to men with connections to the mafia. With creative tales that captivate and enthrall, the pages are turned rapidly as one follows the characters on their paths to happily ever after. There are a couple of slow starts, cliffhangers, and plot flow issues that need to be addressed; however, for the most part, the stories are well written with no hiccups. As a whole, the characters are engaging with story lines that move at comfortable paces, entertaining the reader with interesting and fascinating tales. Although some stories touch on violence, crime, and sometimes delve into the seedier side of love, one is regaled with stories ranging from sweet to smoking hot and will have a hard time putting this anthology down!


Janna Shay