Smittened (Misfit Brides of Bliss #2.5)


Dahlia Mallard has a heart too big for her bank account. When her ex runs off with her savings, she will have to find another way to keep her ice cream shop running through the winter until warmer weather returns. She discovers country music star Billy Brenton is in town and decides to try to invite him to her risqué flavor-tasting event to try to boost her sales. A fire brings Billy’s drummer Mikey Diamond to her door instead, and Mikey’s taste for her passionate flavors might be the shop's salvation. If Dahlia is willing to believe he’s willing to give up his playboy ways could it be even more? 


In this third book of the “Misfit Brides” series, Dahlia and Mikey put enough passion in ice cream that it will have the reader checking their freezer for that carton they keep hidden! Dahlia is quirky but won’t put up with nonsense. Mikey is charming and determined to win her over. Although the story is predictable and definitely should not be read out of order, the romance is equal parts cute and steamy. Admittedly there are chunks of the story left out and time skips around (which can be jarring), and this installment reads as a side story to the previous books. However, it’s a great addition to the series as a whole, and easily will get the reader excited about the crazy bridal fever in Bliss. A cute romantic read for the chick-lit lover.


Sarah E. Bradley