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It is 1938 and Amalia is on the run for her life.  Vienna has fallen to the Nazis and she has just witnessed the murder of her husband, cabinet member, Baron von Schoenenburg.  Along with her distinct and political past, the knowledge that Amalia has is of critical importance and must be delive

Aumelan- Blessed of the Gods #1
Charlene A.

SCI-FI:  Chad Aumelan lives in the world beneath the rock called Hollow Hand and is served by Dae, his female servant. Although Chad has feelings for Dae, the two are forbidden to have a relationship outside of master and servant.

INTERRACIAL:  On a nice Florida morning a car comes for Kyle Avery and is taking her to a meeting that she is not sure what or who to expect. A letter left for her by her late mother Virgilia does not hold many details.

This tale begins when High School ends for two young hearts madly in love. Jo Kendall is waiting at the agreed time and place for her boyfriend to show up so they can leave their small town to get married. Her love, Callum Archer never shows.

On His Watch

Nikki Hart is a loving mom of two children and a third on the way. Her husband is the doctor at the local clinic in a small northern California town where there’s not much crime activity. Until the night that a violent attack takes place at the Hart home.