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Three years ago, Mila Vittore and Gabriel Karl fell for each other quick and hard. But as the Crown Prince of the powerful Karl Vampire Syndicate, dhamphir Gabriel couldn’t afford the additional weakness of having a human mate, so his parents leveraged Mila’s love to make her disappear from his life.

Karla Payne, tavern owner in Willow Springs, VT, is grieving the tragic loss of her fiancé, Joe.

In the midst of a divorce that blindsided her, Sara moves to Italy to teach English in a girl’s Catholic school. Overwhelmed by the sights and sounds of Italy, she is befriended by a partying math whiz and a match-making nun. She is dismayed to feel an instant attraction to Eduardo, a student’s father, until she discovers he is divorced.

Anna’s first Season begins like a romantic fairy tale and ends in a nightmare of ruination and exile. Lewis angrily watches from the sidelines as his charismatic brother Gideon charms sweet innocent Anna and then spurns her as he moves on to his next conquest. Lewis endeavors to court Anna past her humiliation, but she disappears from town without a goodbye.

During their teenage years, Rachel Cummings and Deborah, while having their happy bike ride to one of their hangout joints (a barn), found the dead body of their friend, Joseph. Joseph and Rachel were teenage lovers, although they had kept it a secret. Afterward, both took different paths in life, but thirty years later, the death of Joseph’s mother brings them together.