Chaos Come Again (Lion’s Zoo #1)


Dorothea Barbant has been kidnapped by Roderick Westinghouse with the assistance of her father, and managed a daring escape in the carriage storage box of Colonel Lionel (Lion) O’Toole and Corporal Blythe. Lion is thought to be illegitimate, and discovers some surprising family secrets from the Earl of Ruthford, his grandfather. Lion spending the majority of his life closed off and alone, not allowing anyone to be close enough to hurt him, has few people he can trust—including mainly his inner circle of three close friends. Dorothea and Lion manage a quick marriage ceremony before he returns to the war. The union is passionate, and both feel true love, but will a traitorous spy in their midst ruin it all and be able to turn Dorothea and Lion against each other?

Assassination attempts, war, traitors, family secrets, heroes, true love, passion, and much more! A strong story with both delightful and spiteful characters who leap off the pages to life. The loneliness and angst of both Lion and Dorothea, and the ease with which they are manipulated by the traitor who plays on both their insecurities and new love is true to life. The mystery of the traitor and steps to uncover him, along with Dorothea’s new friendships and experiences, were creatively interwoven with Lion’s own daring story. The tale just goes to prove the adage that actions speak louder than words, and even if you’ve known and trusted someone for a long time, they still might not be true to you. The imagery of rage and heartbreak brings tears and hopes that things will all work out in the end!

Amy Rubottom