Of Mist and Memory


TIME TRAVEL: Sydney Richmond has been working hard for years all for one goal: to buy her own Scottish island—and she’s got the perfect one in mind! Oorlich Isle is everything she’s wanted, and it’s for sale! And haunted. The resident Highlander ghost has scared off all the previous owners. Sydney will not be one of them! Murdered in the 1600’s, Graham is as salty as the ocean about his circumstances and how they’ve nearly destroyed his home. He wants Sydney to fix things back to the way they belong. A massive storm hits the island and Sydney finds herself transported back in time to when Graham was alive. There he learns there’s a reason he’s finding himself fond of her.

Ms. Vale creates a beautiful, gripping twist on time travel in “Of Mist and Memory!” Richly descriptive and full of heart, the journey readers go on is one full of intrigue and romance. Sydney is the type of heroine that is easy to relate to and root for. She’s intelligent, she’s strong, and she’s compassionate. Graham is witty and swoon worthy. Together their chemistry feels real, and it grows from friendship into something more in a fashion that doesn’t feel rushed. This book is sizzling! Smoking hot, even! The love scenes provide a strong pay off for the buildup. Overall, the plot is a unique play on some familiar time travel tropes, making it an engaging read from start to finish. There are a few slow sections, but the mystery will keep readers turning pages! A great read for lovers of steamy historical romances and paranormal adventures!

Chelsea Andersen