An Improper Courtship: A Regency Romance (Lords & Ladies of Mayfair Book 3)


MYSTERY: Enid Longbourn is a pariah, shunned by all. Several years prior, she eloped with John Longbourn, who proves to be extremely abusive. Now a widow and a mother, she lives at home with her parents. Word is, her friend Eugenia has murdered Phineas, Viscount Rushcliff. His brother, Greydon Campden, is determined Eugenia will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. Enid is positive of Eugenia’s innocence, and begs Greydon to help her prove it. He cannot deny Enid anything, so he agrees. Greydon, as the second son, is a Bow Street Runner, and is a successful investigator, and Enid inserts herself into the investigation. As they work together to solve the murder, they find themselves falling for one another... only Enid has vowed never to marry again. Can Greydon convince her otherwise?

A brilliantly written love story, Ms. Beers crafts two courageous characters that immediately jump into the middle of a murder mystery. To many it is obvious who the killer is, but it is much more convoluted than meets the eye. Viscount Rushcliff has a bad habit of using people, and this time it came back with a venomous bite! As the reader tries to solve the mystery along with Enid and Greydon, they will visit the darker areas of London—the temporary prison in the bar, and later, Newgate. The descriptions make the reader visualize the squalor and dankness observed in Newgate Prison, along with the desperation of the prisoners. One can almost smell the vile conditions under which the prisoners must live. Exquisitely executed, this story is heartwarming as Greydon gives his all to win the love of his life.

Belinda Wilson