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Smoke and Ritual (Book 1)

Arya Frost is feeling defeated. She cannot pass her potion test. She already feels alone without a coven to belong to. Thankfully, she has her two close friends Sapphire and Diego to always fully support her and cheer her up. When a dead white crow suddenly appears in her room, it’s a bad omen for sure. Then another is thrown against her window.

The Subway Girl

Ryan see’s a girl on the New York subway, and he cannot get her out of his head. There is a spark of some kind, a connection, and he has got to track her down. But how? He heard a British accent; she was listening to her earbuds and wore a pink beanie hat, but it was her green eyes that drew him in like no other.

Adric Savonett is a cougar shifter. He’s also the youngest Alpha in the world. Arrogance coupled with the ruthlessness a leader needs is what has kept him in such a position, and it is one he takes seriously. When his sister is put in danger by a dark fae prince, he’s ready to do whatever it takes to keep her safe.

The Divided Twin
M. Billiter,
Kyle Thomas

SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  Aaron and Branson are identical twins. Then there’s the “third twin”, David, who lives inside the mind of one of the brothers. David has been around for a long time, and he likes to make things a little chaotic. He helped his twin survive a turbulent childhood, then left for a bit.

Sway (Shelfbrooke Academy Book 3)
M. F. Lorson
Narrator: Joyce Oben

YOUNG ADULT/CONTEMPORARY:  Three years ago, Anne Bennet had the perfect boyfriend, Christopher. But she broke his heart when she moved away to a boarding school. Her roommate there suggested she start over with no strings attached, and Anne took followed that advice.