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PARANORMAL: There’s a place in the trees that calls to Lily, but she knows she shouldn’t go there. Will a moment of curiosity rip her from all she knows? Opius is a proud water Fae and a general in the Queen’s army. Was it luck that drew him to the lost newcomer, or something more?

Used to working on her own, artifact huntress Piper is hired by her mysterious employer to find an ancient tome called The Codex, accompanied by an incubus demon she can't stand.

Gale, a powerful Irish witch, is heartbroken when her fiancé gives her an ultimatum to come home with him or they're through. Returning to Scotland to fix a family issue at his grandfather’s urgent request, Dillon instantly regrets giving Gale such a stupid ultimatum.

Cate Matthews, 42 year old divorcée and college history professor, moves into a remodeled condo with plumbing issues that duct tape won't fix. Mitch Taylor, 27 year old ex-Army Ranger, engineering student, and handyman, arrives on her doorstep with tools at the ready. Mutual attraction in spite of the age gap quickly results in some serious pipes being laid!

Taken - Arcadia, Book 2
Brock Jones

SCI-FI: Ethan Winter, heir apparent to Solaris Energy Company, arrives in Sulwith to tour the company's most profitable solar array field, meet union representatives, and notify townspeople how necessary changes will affect their lives.