Recent Reviews

FANTASY:  "Y’Keta" is an epic fantasy story set in an ancient world, where the Sky Road offers a way to the stars. Y’Keta, the main character, has just found a new place to settle when it is threatened by secrets from his past.

The Firstborn

Sophia Brixton finds her hands full of responsibility at the tender age of nineteen. After losing both her parents to illness a few years previous, her younger sister Lucy abandons Sophia, leaving her infant son George behind in her older sister’s care.

HISTORICAL:  Julian Silvester, the Marquis of Trevelin, has fallen from grace amongst the stars of English Society in 1811. After receiving a nasty scar marring the side of his face during a scandalous duel over a married woman, Julian has all but given up hope of being well received by his peers—much less finding a woman who will look past his glaring faults and become his wife.

Fated Desires

Jenna Gavin seeks to escape her verbally abusive and neglectful husband by moving to her brother’s hometown of Trappers’ Cove, Minnesota. Kindling a new romance is not on her agenda. When she meets former baseball superstar, Gabriel Foxx, she strives desperately to keep him at bay and away from eight-year-old Finn, who craves the father figure missing from his life.

Combatting Fear

Micah Kincaid excels in the world of business, but the millions he has amassed can never take the place of his heart’s desire—a family. When his wife Chelsea disappears with five-year-old Rowan, Micah searches for the pair on his own despite the resources his fortune could provide. A year later, in the small town of Turners Gulley, Australia, he finally catches up to them.