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REGENCY:  Lady Hope is entering her first season in London and she has her sights set on marrying a Duke. Unfortunately, there are few Dukes who have put in an appearance so far.

Acute Reactions

Petra is an allergist just starting out her practice, and has no time for men. Ian doesn’t understand the electricity he feels every time he goes to Petra for his allergy shots.

After her parents' death, Amelia Britton’s primary focus has been to save the family farm, but her overbearing older brother has other ideas.

Scarred Protector

CNF:  Early on one is taken aback by the threats of sexual assault and rape against the heroine.

PSYCHOLOGICAL:  Christina Davenport has always dreamed of becoming a magician. So when a chance venture into a magic shop presents her with the opportunity of becoming Reynaldo the Magnificent’s assistant she can hardly turn it down. Driven to no longer be a struggling waitress, she throws herself into their local street performances.