Healing the Witch of Adelaide Glen

J. C.

Dr. Skylar Santangelo’s job is to prosecute any type of witchcraft or paranormal activity. He is in the process of writing a thesis, and needs to investigate what he believes to be true where witchcraft is concerned. Skylar wants to isolate and surround himself 24 hours a day with a witch, one who is on death row for murdering tens if not hundreds of people. He believes she is possessed and is neither responsible nor capable of mass murder. 

Neve Cleary has been dubbed the Witch of Adelaide Glen, put in prison on death row for murder, and rightfully so. She knows she has murdered many people, but why can’t she really remember doing it? When she is blindfolded and removed from the prison, she doesn’t understand what’s happening. Taken to a safe house and isolated with Dr. Santangelo isn’t going to solve anything - she is doomed to die whether she talks or not.

This novel is a very unique take on paranormal possession. On the darker side of the genre, it gives great creepy vibes. A caution for those who are bothered by graphic language, the *f* bomb is overused and a few scenes are on the gory side. The transitions into the sex scenes are a bit odd, leaving one not realizing they are in a sex scene until a of couple sentences into it.  Sky and Neve have massive chemistry, but hard to swallow at times. If one likes the odd, sensual and creepy, this book is just the ticket!

Lynne Bryant