Pieces of Us (Book 1)

Lisa K.

WOMEN'S HUMOR:  Jenny, Kat and Rose are about to turn <gasp> fifty. They’ve been friends since their college days, and have decided that it’s time to go on that month-long road trip they have talked about for years. Life has thrown them in all different directions, some good…some not so good, but the one constant is their endearing friendship.

Piling in Rose’s ugly hippie bus, the adventure begins. Will the ladies be able to heal the hurts that life has thrown at them, move on and begin to find the happiness they each deserve? Will being in close quarters for a month bring them closer, or tear them apart? They won’t know until they have put some miles behind them to find out who they really are, and what they are really made of!

This is Ms. Miller’s debut novel, and one would never believe that she doesn’t have a whole library of previous books. This story is full of wit and snarkiness. The only missing element is some background on each of the characters. It would be nice to know more backstory of each lady, including the side character of Crimson Blu.  That aside, Ms. Miller has talent in spades. The dialogue is spot-on hilarious, and will make one laugh out loud. Even though the ladies talk a bit about sex, it’s clean and funny to boot. Here's hoping that Ms. Miller writes fast, and that the sequel comes out soon! C’mon on aboard the bus, the door is open, take a seat and enjoy this fun ride!

Lynne Bryant