The Lair: A Sinner’s Grove Novel


Daniela Dunn’s father has passed away in Verona, Italy and Dani must travel from California to her childhood estate called the Panther’s Lair. Her childhood home holds horrible memories - ones she is reluctant to face. Riding along without being invited is her friend, Detective Gabe de la Torre. Gabe is a charming flirt, and when Dani finds that there is more than one reason that Gabe is tagging along, she won’t be happy. 

When dark happenings are brought into the light, Dani must research the family hotel business without anyone knowing. Why would her Uncle Santo insist that she vote her shares of the company his way when it isn't a sound business decision? A mystery woman comes forth and insists that Dani’s father was murdered, and now Dani and Gabe’s lives are also at stake. Will they be able to uncover what is going on? Will the spark that has been lit between them, begin to grow? 

"The Lair" is a wonderful whodunit full of intrigue and mystery. This tale is set mostly in Italy where Italian is spoken but not always translated, leaving the reader guessing. Human sex trafficking is a tough subject, one that Ms. Michaels does well, just be aware the beginning passage is a bit tough to read. One also must pay attention as there are a lot of characters to keep track of, and the communication between Dani and Gabe can be frustrating at times, but Gabe is a keeper. Enjoy some pasta, wine and the scenery of Italy, along with wonderful characters of the Panther’s Lair. 

Lynne Bryant