Reviews - Audiobooks

Eve of Darkness (The Dark Age Chronicles)
T.L. Bailey
Narrator: Wesley Bruff

PARANORMAL/SUSPENSE:  1717, a period of darkness. The world is struggling to survive as it is overrun by pirates, and those in power who seek to abuse those beneath their position. All of this is fueled by an even more terrifying force of evil. Eve, a girl born with a mark on her hand, has been deemed the chosen one to stop this darkness.

P/UF:  Lena Castamolino struggles with a bizarre problem: every full moon, her skin changes into something like leather and she’s been growing wings. The only change she can attribute these phenomena to is her recent move to Rome. Enter Sergio Monseratti, a shifter threatened with exile from his beloved city if he can’t take down a powerful mafia boss.

MYSTERY:  Cambria Clyne is a property manager for an apartment complex with an important inspection coming up, and things are going wrong! There is an unexpected fire in the lobby, and an urn filled with ashes from a dead body gets left in the apartment storage closet.

How to Seduce a Spy (Potions and Passions Book 1)
Catherine Stein
Narrator: David Lane Pusey

PARANORMAL/HISTORICAL:  Elle Deschamps is a barmaid who also happens to be a potions expert. She’s quite good at it, but her talent won’t last for much longer if her magic supply runs out—a problem that is becoming more real every passing day. When she’s hired by a mysterious gentleman to help search for the source of the magical serum, she can’t say no.

Two Worlds Collided
Karen Michelle Nutt
Narrator: Sharmila Devar

TIME TRAVEL/PARANORMAL:  Evie Reid is a long-time fangirl of super rockstar Bellamy Lovel. She’s part of his fan club and can’t shake the notion that he’s the embodiment of perfection. The only problem is he tragically committed suicide in 1997. When given the chance to go back and time to try and stop him, Evie jumps at the chance.