Motion of Intervals

Kristy McGinnis
Narrator: Amy J. Johnson

CONTEMPORARY: Kenna Shepherd is the daughter of America’s sweetheart – Tessa Shepherd – and has always lived in her mother’s shadow. When a mistake gets her expelled from school and publicly shamed, Kenna knows her mother will never let her hear the end of it. She needs an escape, and that comes in the form of an email from the woman who birthed her: Rachel. Grieving the loss of her wife, Rachel sees the drama in Kenna’s life and sends her a word of encouragement. Kenna takes that as an invitation. Soon, the two are embarking on the road trip of a lifetime! Both are running from their past, and both are trying to find a new future where they can hopefully be happy.

“Motion of Intervals” is a loving story of self-discovery, second chances, and the bonds that bind us. It tugs at the heartstrings and leaves readers in a book hangover well after the end! Ms. McGinnis creates a genuine tale of a woman’s journey to find herself, and the family she’s always longed for. Kenna is well crafted: innocent, driven, and timid, the way she comes into her own is beautiful and believable. Rachel’s path of grief is grounded in reality as well, and her free personality is a perfect contrast to Kenna’s. Both are easy to relate to. The focus of the story is their relationship dynamic as mother and sort-of daughter. It’s character-driven and emotional, and absolutely fantastic!

Ms. Johnson gives a solid performance as both women. Her Kenna tone tackles the naivety of the character, and with ease, she switches to a more confident tone for Rachel. While her voice doesn’t change dramatically, she does it just enough to make it obvious and easy for the reader to tell which character is being read for. There is passion in her performance that keeps the reader engaged, even during the slower moments. The pacing is spot-on, making this is an incredible listen! Lovers of women’s fiction and family tales need to read or listen this book!

Chelsea Andersen