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Cecelia Dudley, daughter of a merchant, is determined to live life independently. So, it is quite a shock to learn that she has been married by proxy to a gentleman she has never met! Lord Heath Knight has decided to turn his life around; hence, marriage. The fact his bride comes with a 100,000-pound dowry makes it easier. Neither is prepared for the other.

Colton Stone, a professional football player, vows to make some changes in his life as he settles in with his new team, the Seattle Warriors. Widowed pediatric heart surgeon, Lily Morgan, has enough on her plate raising two children without adding a rough-around-the-edges sports player into her life. While the attraction burns between them, neither is ready for it.

Nathan Gordon arrives at his security job on a ranch plagued by animal mutilations and missing cowhands to find his client embroiled in a tussle with his foreman who’s adamant that Nathan, his partner and the ranch boss shouldn’t stay on the property.

Anna Browning and Desmond Bretton grew up childhood friends with neglectful fathers. So, it comes as no surprise when they fall madly in love with one another. After Anna's father demands she marry an elderly viscount, they decide to elope to Gretna Green, Scotland.

Lady Harriet "Harry" Stanhope and Lord Montague "Monty" Devonshire have been best friends since childhood. Although Harry has been secretly in love with Monty for some time, he has been clueless about how she is the perfect woman for him. After learning Monty must marry before his 26th birthday to inherit his family’s title and estate, Harry reluctantly agrees to assist him in finding a bride.