Pulse: Book 2

Science Fiction

Eric Wright has been in exile after being removed from the company he co-founded, Pulse, after he disagreed with their practices. When tragedy strikes at a festival, Eric is approached by his ex-business partner, Mark Sharpe, who wants to right the wrongs he has done and bring Pulse in line with Eric’s vision, what it should be. They are working to save humanity, but there is something dark that wants them to fail. No matter what they do, it seems to be just that little bit ahead of them at every turn, and is determined to prevent them from succeeding in their mission. Will Eric and Mark be able to bring their company back to what it should be? Or will they die trying?

Wow. That would be the best word to use to describe this book. B.A. Bellec has written a terrifying world that will horrify and fascinate at the same time. With so many different topics handled, there are an array of issues that face the characters in this novel. The descriptions are so vivid, it will have the reader feeling as though they are standing right in the middle of the action, and given the horror aspect, those who enjoy a good scare will most definitely enjoy it! “Pulse: Book 2” is engaging, terrifying, and brilliant all at the same time. If there was one book to read this winter, it’s this one. The writing style is amazing and the concept terrifying. A true page turner!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick