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CONTEMPORARY: Tawni Young is a burned-out school psychologist. Her aunt bids on an auction package and wins, gifting it to Tawni. A weeklong trip to Summer Creek, full of great benefits, and topped off with four days of cooking lessons from non-other than Celebrity chef, Owen Thorpe. Tawni used to have the biggest crush on Owen, and now they’ll be sharing a kitchen!

Route to Romance

Shelby Harrison has a career she should love but doesn’t, and it shows. Finally, her boss encourages her to take a road trip to sort her head out, so Shelby rents an RV and heads off to visit her family. Along the way, she accidentally bumps into a boy she remembers from high school – only he has grown into an incredibly handsome man!  Jason’s songwriting career is in a rut.

Ilya Valerious stands watching her entire life crumble around her. Born and trained to rule her city-state, she now must watch it being sacked and conquered by the cruel emperor and his magical captains. Everyone is being killed, those she loves devastated, and herself taken captive to be held at the palace – and Lucien, the man responsible, is now her captor.

Miss Abigail “Abby” Grantham loves astronomy. When her uncle asks her to come to his home to do star charting for him, Abby doesn’t hesitate to go. On the way, Abby stops the carriage so she can look at the stars. A stranger approaches, who Abby pokes in the stomach with her umbrella. The outsider isn’t really an intruder, but William, Viscount Rochvale.

Sara Strausser works mindlessly at a restaurant. One day while Sara was sitting, both Mr. Beckett Convery, who is a respected professor of Wells College, and his mom, claims that someone stole her tennis bracelet. Beckett’s mom asks him to read people’s minds. When Beckett touches Sara, he realizes that her mind is impenetrable, and something he has never seen before.