Route to Romance


Shelby Harrison has a career she should love but doesn’t, and it shows. Finally, her boss encourages her to take a road trip to sort her head out, so Shelby rents an RV and heads off to visit her family. Along the way, she accidentally bumps into a boy she remembers from high school – only he has grown into an incredibly handsome man!  Jason’s songwriting career is in a rut. Trying to get over a recent heartbreak and out of a serious case of writer’s block, he decides to take to the road – along with his trusty dog, Cooper, he sets out to anywhere. That very evening, however, he inadvertently runs into his high school crush, and she has only grown more beautiful!  After a joking conversation, the two go their separate ways – only to keep running into each other along the road. Is there a reason?

For anyone feeling a bit nostalgic for younger, better days, this is absolutely the book for you!  The author deftly weaves all those wonderful childhood experiences into a sweet romp of a story.  Both characters are searching for something they have lost but are blind to the opportunities right in front of them… until they discover each other.  The writing is sweet and easy, but there isn’t any depth beyond the surface.  There are many points that seemingly pop up out of nowhere other than to throw the couple together, leaving it feeling like a bit of a fantasy for those who wish their lives were different.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, however, especially if one is in the mood to escape and reminisce!

Ruth Lynn Ritter