The Color of Shame: Book 3 of The Psychic Colors Series


Sara Strausser works mindlessly at a restaurant. One day while Sara was sitting, both Mr. Beckett Convery, who is a respected professor of Wells College, and his mom, claims that someone stole her tennis bracelet. Beckett’s mom asks him to read people’s minds. When Beckett touches Sara, he realizes that her mind is impenetrable, and something he has never seen before. Sara knew instantly what Beckett was doing. When Sara fights back though, she ends up losing her job. Beckett realizes his mistake and offers Sara a position as his assistant. Sara doesn’t have a choice and decides to take the assignment, but only as Beckett’s make-believe girlfriend. Of course, the longer Sara plays at being his fake girlfriend, the things they both feel become far from pretend.

What a captivating paranormal romance! The lush scenery shimmers with a realism, and the three-dimensional characters are easy to imagine. Unfortunately, since this is the third book in the series, things aren’t always very well explained. It really might help to read the other books in the series first before reading this one. The candid heroine, Sara, is just delightful! She might have had a tough life yet she still knows how to have fun. Beckett, the uppity aristocratic hero, isn’t benevolent to Sara, however, maybe to everyone else, he just oozes charm. Readers will have a hard time trusting him, especially in his treatment of Sara. Ms. Smurthwaite has still written a very intriguing story that manages to be an exhilarating rush from beginning to end!

Roslynn Ernst