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TIME TRAVEL:  Bradford Kendall, the Duke of Weston, is the modern day epitome of an English Rake. Although he is a business man, he enjoys the finer things of life without apologizing.

Marasili de Ville is running for her life. She is headed to Scotland, back to her family. Marasili’s late husband has just died and her husband’s brother has accused her of murdering him.

Corporate lawyer Abby Parker has been charged with acquiring the Kauai property, is home to the old Coco Palms Resort, by her New York client.

Bittersweet (Bittersweet #1)
Tyffani Clark

SCI-FI:  Earth was almost destroyed by a mysterious, planet-eating contagion, before an alien race called the Kaveesh, whose planet was similarly destroyed, saved mankind.

Dirty Deeds

PARANORMAL:  This unique story is narrated in the first person by Cameron James, who has two personas: cute, petite city dweller by day; beautiful, badass ninja vigilante by night.  A gentle-hearted woman