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How To Build a Platforma You Care Enough About to Maintain

Leap Year!

Guess what?
Don’t you hate it when someone says that?
But seriously…guess what this year is?
It’s a Leap Year! Every four years we gain a day...2016, 2020, 2024, and so on. It’s a whole day to balance out our calendar.

What in the heck is deep POV, or deep point of view?

Mystery fiction is a curious genre. None of us condone murder or other gruesome crimes, yet when we dive into the pages of a good mystery story, we find the more bizarre and heinous the crime, the more enjoyment the tale ultimately brings us.

Okay, you’ve finished the first draft and think, “Hell, I’m great!” And yes, you are for doing that. But there is more to writing than just pumping out a good first draft. There’s editing and cleaning up. This is what we’re all about in this installment.