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It is quite possible to have a bad mood from time to time. These moods can be really disruptive and prevent you from focusing on your daily tasks. The thing is, this can happen to anyone at any time.
Bad mood swings can happen due to a lot of reasons, from a simple argument with your friend, to working extra hours. And moody times can bring you down.

Editing Your Own Writing
Kevin G.

The best advice I can give to an indie author about how to edit your own writing is – don’t. Hire an editor. It’s worth every penny to have an independent set of eyes looking at your writing to tell you where you have missed the forest through the trees or missed a dead tree because of the surrounding forest.

How The Transition From Male to Female Ruler is Approached in Fantasy Fiction:

So, you have decided to write a book. You have learned your craft. You know your writing voice, how to structure your paragraphs, you have the writing part down. Here is the part where I tell you a little secret—lots and lots of people can learn to write. They can learn to craft a beautiful paragraph, even a few pages.

Over the last few years—perhaps a decade—there has been a noticeable shift in fiction, a shift for the darker. Fantasy fiction saw a rise of the genre known as grimdark, with similar trends reflected in science fiction. Dark romance has come out of the closet and become far more mainstream.