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At an author event—well, before the pandemic—an excited 18-year-old stepped up and asked me about my novel, "Blood on the Chesapeake". After I’d given my elevator pitch, he pivoted and asked, “How hard is it to get a novel published?” The hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” My response threw him.

Today is the big day of your event. Yay! You followed my advice in Part 2 and are ready to go. The car is packed with swag, books (if needed), and the other items you’ve determined is required for the event (banners, displays, a bottle of water, etc.). If you’re picky about pens, don’t forget to bring your favorite signing pen or Sharpie along.

The Three Star WOW!

After almost a decade of reviewing books, personally and professionally, I think it’s time we talked about the WOW that can come with a "3 Star" book.

You’ve successfully booked an event with an independent bookstore. Yay! Whether it is a signing, a group signing, or an alternate event, there is still plenty of work to do to get ready. The obvious first step is to spread the word. Post the details of the event on all your social media outlets, update your website’s appearances page, and let all your friends and family know.

Part 1: Establishing a Relationship