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Rising Star Spotlight

"It is the culture of southern Louisiana that spawned one of my favorite marketing ideas.  See, when I was a kid every time we went to the store and bought something, the store clerk would give us something extra.  It was usually a small token, nothing of much monetary worth, but it meant he valued you as a customer.  That's called 'lagniappe'.

Editing 101

What exactly is copy editing?  Is it merely finding the grammatical and textual errors?  What are line, content, color and developmental editing and how do we use them?  Come with InD'Tale as Karen Cole, owner and CEO of "Ghostwriters Inc."  teaches us the basics to a very misunderstood but critically important job.  That of making one's work look good!

Rising Star Spotlight
Create Imaginations, Paul

Each month, InD'Tale will feature up-and-coming talent in the industry by highlighting one very special individual whose gifts we feel deserve attention. This person may be an author,  cover designer, editor, librarian, or even a reader who is doing amazing things to further Indie publishing!  We will let you get to know them through their own words, then allow you to see their talent.

This is crazy. Even for me.

I glance down at the dizzying expanse of garden far too many feet below.

My scarf snags on a metal strut; I cling on one-handed, swinging ape-like from the drainpipe.

"Mom – you can see your underwear from here."

"Thanks for that darling."

How did I get here? You may well ask.

Romance novels are the Rodney Dangerfield of books, they get no respect. Some people won’t admit to reading them, others confess their sin with self-conscious guilt. Others equate the Romance novel with the end of civilization. Why? Is it the lurid covers? Is it the formula plot? Do Romance novels lack all literary merit? Or might there be some other more insidious reason at work here?