Short Story Corner: Nobody's Perfect


This is crazy. Even for me.

I glance down at the dizzying expanse of garden far too many feet below.

My scarf snags on a metal strut; I cling on one-handed, swinging ape-like from the drainpipe.

"Mom – you can see your underwear from here."

"Thanks for that darling."

How did I get here? You may well ask.

It's just been the usual buzzing-around-like-a-bluebottle-in-a-jam-jar-day. You know what I mean: get us out of the house; work; shopping during lunch-break; work again; home to clear up breakfast and defrost dinner ingredients; school run; take Emma to ballet...

It all began when I couldn't find my keys.


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Lydia Jones is one of the U.K's top women's magazine fiction authors. She has had over 100 stories published in the U.K. and other countries. Her work has appeared in anthologies and won two international short story competitions. Her e-book "For A Smile" reached No2 in the Amazon U.K. Short Story Chart. A second book "For A Smile2 - Summer Love" is due out at the end of May.
She has been writing almost as long as she's been breathing but only started to structure her work into stories a few years ago when a serious back injury forced a period of immobility.She describes herself as a "feel-good fiction" writer. Her characters have problems to solve but there will always be a satisfactory ending to leave readers with a warm smile.
She is currently running an on-line "Short Story Tool-shed" to help other writers into print.
For more information on Lydia and her work, you can visit her website: