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Stand-Alone or Series, Which to Choose?

Every avid reader knows the situation: A book series you love is finally releasing an installment, you have the book and settle in to read it. It’s wonderful, it’s fabulous but as you get ever and ever closer to the end, you begin checking the pages because you don’t want to finish because you know you’re going to have to wait months, possibly over a year, for the next book to be released.

All I Want For Christmas

Being so close to the end of the year and with the holiday season approaching, I tend to look for gifts that make people think they are awesome or scratch their heads wondering what I was thinking... This year is the same as far as gifts go, but with the unknown, the crazy, and the way life is now, there are differences.

This year can be summed up with two ideas that have been circling social media:

Changing Times, Changing Tastes

Tastes change over time; from the food we eat to the clothes we wear. Reading tastes also change, and over the past 10 years there has been a huge shift in people’s reading habits. This is especially true in the romance-reading industry, where those changes have been stark and significant.

Writing On The Run
Wilnona and Jade

We will be making our final descent. Please put your tray tables up and stow your large electronics. Keep your seat belt fastened until the seat belt light turns off.