10 Fictional Holidays to Add to Your 2021 Calendar.


We all love a good holiday! After all, what could be better than romance on Valentine’s Day; BBQ and fireworks on the 4th of July; a big, fat turkey at Thanksgiving; presents at Christmas; or a New Year’s Eve party?
Holidays are an important part of human society. They’re not only a chance to step back from work and relax, but they also give us a time to celebrate with family, connect with each other, and engage in the same activity as millions of others around the world. Holidays bring us together in a way few other things ever can.
Real holidays are the highlight of our year—we all look forward to spring break, summer vacation, and the winter holidays. If they’re that important to us, it stands to reason they’d be equally important to the very real people in the works of fiction we read.
So, just for a bit of fun, let’s take a look at a few of the holidays that appear in our favorite fiction.
Federation Day
In the “Star Trek” universe, Federation Day celebrates the day the Articles of the Federation were signed, thereby establishing the United Federation of Planets in 2161. There is no “official” canon-sanctioned date for the holiday—it’s occurred on both August 12th and October 11th in various series—but it’s no less an important date in the year. Many people spend the holiday visiting the Starfleet War Memorial on Earth, a monument built to commemorate the soldiers and civilians killed in battle with the Federation’s enemies.
In Terry Pratchett’s “Discworld” novels, Hogswatchnight is the equivalent of Christmas blended with New Year’s traditions. It’s the official Discworld New Year’s Eve, as well as the winter solstice. Traditionally, Discworlders will slaughter a pig to ensure they have enough food for the remainder of the winter months. However, other celebrations include hanging strings of paper sausages, decorating an oak tree in a pot, and waiting for the midnight visit of the Hogfather himself.

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