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Garden of Her Heart

HISTORICAL:  Miko was fired from her job as a secretary right after the announcement that the US government was going to remove all Japanese to "holding" locations while they built the internment camps later used. Kicked off the bus, she walks to her grandparents' farm, hoping her family is still there. Instead, she finds an injured soldier passed out on the front porch.

A long distance drive home is not when Samantha expected to get a phone call from her temporary roommate, Gertie, about her neighbor (the often-drunk-and-getting-kicked-out-of-the-condo-by-her-husband-whi

WESTERN:  Audrey ran away from home to marry her true love after her father turned him down.

Seventeen-year old Sam has it all: her parents are never home, she has a trust fund, she’s a cheerleader, dates one of the hottest jocks in school and is one of the most popular girls in school.

Oak and Mistletoe

FANTASY:  While visiting Ireland, Uncle Mickey tells Catherine that he feels she has a magical connection with the country.