Mantic (Volume 1) The Eyes of March


The Wyrd Sisters are comprised of three talented psychics, Kim, Bryn and Mimi. Their talents and their sisterhood are put to the test when they meet a mysterious woman named Valena — a victim of a horrendous crime, so traumatic that she has lost her memory.  Valena’s fate appears to be tied to that of a series of ritualistic murders in the area. The police turn up evidence that only adds to the mystery of Valena’s true identity.

“Mantic” is a creative and fresh addition to the paranormal genre.  Ms. Babcock does an admirable job of creating individual characters full of interest and depth.  Her writing style is enjoyable and well structured.  However, instead of allowing the reader to learn about character background and motivation as a part of the story, Ms. Babcock uses a great deal of exposition to fill in the blanks.  The story becomes stilted and does not flow organically in places.  The reader should be allowed to learn about characters slowly and as part of the overall story.

The Wyrd Sisters are the strength of this novel.  Each is individualistic, quirky in her own way, and infinitely relatable.  Forming a strong core to the story, one looks forward to more adventures from this fabulous trio.  

Gwenellen Tarbet