Warwolfe (de Wolfe Pack Book 1)

Le Veque

MEDIEVAL:  Gaetan de Wolfe heads the Duke of Normandy’s Anges de Guerre. During the Battle of Hastings, the Welsh take one of Gaetan's men prisoner. Gaetan vows to get his man back and finds a surprising ally in the enemy, Ghislaine of Mercia. Ghislaine is triumphant when she bags herself a prisoner of war,  but when her brother steals that same prisoner Ghislaine’s anger knows no bounds. Her objective —to go to the Norman camp to offer her services — is for personal reasons. When she learns the Norman ways and finds herself drawn to Gaetan, her personal vendetta takes a backseat and saving the prisoner becomes her objective.

Ms. Le Veque paints a majestic panorama of what it was like during the Norman invasion, yet does not forget the minutiae of the dangers faced by anyone within Albion. Phenomenal! She weaves history so well into the story that not only is the reader transported to 1066 A.D., but will be inclined to believe that these men are  real. The tension between the protagonists also builds up slowly, culminating in an attraction that is perfectly situated in the story and not rushed, as many romance novels tend to do. 

While the book is rich in detail, one cannot help but become distracted by the head hopping between characters. Too many talking heads within a scene can jar the reader and one has to take stock of the sudden change. Apart from this, one should not miss this book!

M.P. Ceja