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Jacob Darien understands that he needs to pay the price for all of the mistakes he’s made in the past, and that’s why he is at peace about being in jail. A new avatar of chaos has been chosen, however, and this avatar is a familiar face in Jacob’s life. They’re determined to lurevJacob and his inner demon—literally—out to play.
Azabu Getaway (Detective Hiroshi series, Book 5)
Michael Pronko
Narrator: Peter Berkrot
SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Tokyo detective Hiroshi Shimizu finds himself in unfamiliar territory when one of Japan’s highest respected and ranked executives is murdered. Just as he’s making progress, another murder takes place and two girls are kidnapped in a seemingly unrelated case. The further he investigates the incident, the more he realizes that this might not be true.
A Laughing Matter of Pain
Cynthia Hilston
Narrator: Brian Callanan
HISTORICAL: As this audiobook begins in the 1920’s in Cleveland, Ohio, it’s pretty clear there will be a reckoning in Harry Rechthart’s future. He is filled with jealousy of his older brother, with hurt at being ignored and misjudged by his family, and with laughter to cover his pain. He falls in with a crowd that definitely doesn’t want him to be his best self.
A Knight's Temptation (Knight’s Series Book 3)
Catherine Kean
Narrator: James Gillies
HISTORICAL: This audiobook starts with an intense and heart-wrenching prologue that pulls readers into the story unequivocally. The story begins in Moydenshire, England, in 1183, where Lady Leona Ransley and Aldwin Treynarde meet for the first time as children. Something unfortunate happens that day that affects both of these protagonists for years to come.
Her Homegrown Christmas Wish
Rachelle Paige
Hannah Beacon is a single mother raising her daughter, Olivia, in the very town she grew up in. The only thing Olivia truly wants is a father. When Hannah’s estranged husband, Daniel, shows up in town, everyone thinks Olivia might be getting her wish. But Daniel has only returned to divorce Hannah and set her free.