Portrait of a Duke (Suddenly a Duke #1)


Lady Margaret Townsend is a true artist at heart. Openly independent and outspoken, never planning to marry, she wishes to be the portrait artist of the ton since her late grandmother’s talent was ruthlessly denied by her husband. Having met the young Lord Daniel Bowning, later the Duke of Westfield, when he came to call on her sister, she then paints him from memory. Her sister Dolley marries and becomes a marchioness but later wants the duke for herself. The Dowager Duchess of Westfield knew Margaret’s late grandmother well and commissions a portrait painted by Margaret. The painting is a grand success amongst the ton and Margaret’s career is launched, but will it get in the way of her love for Daniel, or can Margaret have both her true loves?

An enthralling, hard to put down tale. Meeting at the tender age of 15 when Daniel comes to call on her sister, Margaret is immediately enthralled with the arrogant young man. Growing up ostracized by her mother and sister for her looks only makes Margaret more appealing to all those around her because it solidifies her strong personality, sharp intellect, and resistance to fitting into the molds of society. Between the Dowager Duchess of Westfield and Margaret, Daniel never stands a chance of forcing Margaret into the ton’s mold of an ideal wife for a Duke. Margaret’s strong, intelligent character never backs down and breaks the stereotypes of the age, putting the duke sufficiently in his place and challenging him at every turn. It is also touching to see the Dowager encourage Margaret to set her own rules for Polite Society as the new Duchess.

Amy Rubottom