The Duke’s Shield (The Duke’s Guard Series #3)


The duke’s family is under attack from an old family enemy, Lord Chellenham. Michael O’Malley is part of the duke’s guard assigned to protect Viscount Chattsworth, his viscountess, their newborn son, and the surrounding estate, which includes the widow Mrs. Harriet Mayfield’s farm. Harriet or Harry to her friends, lost her husband to a great fever, so she and her son, Bart, now manage the work of the farm together. The outlying farms are being targeted by Lord Chellenham’s blackguards, barns are being burned and men are being shot. Will the farms survive the onslaught, and will Michael and Harry have their shot at love, or will Lord Chellenham win in his revenge plot. Will Harry’s pride and stubbornness get in the way of her second chance at love?

As the third book in a series, this one stands well on its own. The characters pop through the pages. Readers will root for Michael & Harry’s love story and the demise of the evil Lord Chellenham. This tale delivers a captivating mix of romance, intrigue, danger, drama, and delight. It is heartening that each character rises to meet various daunting challenges and overcomes adversity. The theme of banding together to be stronger allowa all of them to win their fights. Watching Michael and Bart bond over trying to get through to Harry over her stubborn behavior is enchanting. Loving a prideful, independent, and stubborn woman is never easy as Michael is learning, but his love and patience for her is wonderful to watch unfold from the first spark of interest to the hot flames of passion. A page turning delight to read.

Amy Rubottom