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SCI-FI:  The Twelve Systems are maintained by a miracle ore known as Vistrite, whose properties power their technology.  The Serengetti Cartel’s leader, Lucius, fights for control of this precious ore using any means at his dispo

PARANORMAL:  The first day of high school is hard for any teenager – especially if one is a teenaged demon-slaying angel.  Lucia is one such angel who has been tasked, along with her brother Zack and her uncle Davin, to root out

Dogs Dance

Jim Liberty has a reputation, and it isn’t a good one. It’s mostly based on the fact that he does absolutely nothing to defend himself, nothing to make his own life better, and nothing to make anyone respect him.

Falling Forward
Audrey Jane

Kate moved clear across the country to Southern California just to start a new life and forget her ex-boyfriend-turned-good friend. However, it isn’t working because she can’t let go—she won’t even date.

The War Between Us
Sarah Creviston

Only months after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, Alex is being sent from his L.A. home to the East Coast.