Transgressions: The Apprentice Volume 3 (The Twelve Systems Chronicles)


SCI-FI:  The Twelve Systems are maintained by a miracle ore known as Vistrite, whose properties power their technology.  The Serengetti Cartel’s leader, Lucius, fights for control of this precious ore using any means at his disposal.

Lillian is his apprentice.  Her brilliant mind is not the only reason that Lucius values her.  Her sexuality matches her genius and that combination is not something he can ignore.  Lillian has willingly bonded herself to him in order to wipe out the shame carried by her family because of her traitorous father.  Subject to the strict code of the Cartel and her fascination of Lucius, Lillian must use her wits and courage to navigate the intrigue and deception inherent in the world of the Cartels.

“Transgressions” is a fascinating read!  Ms. Manetti’s gift with prose creates a compelling world which draws the reader in and holds their attention to the end.  The story is somewhat slow at the beginning, but a patient reader will be rewarded by a complex story and superbly drawn characters.

How can such story-telling come from one mind?  This is the question the reader will ask over and over again while reading “Transgressions”.  One hungers for more after turning the last page.  It is not often that a world so complex and strange can be presented in such a masterful and engaging way.

Gwenellen Tarbet