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Scarlet “Red” Ryding is raised in a post-apocalyptic sanctuary populated by women, where her grandmother is the matriarch of this “men are the demon’s spawn” compound. She’s a hardliner if not insane, more likely to offer Scarlet a public beating than a hand-knit cardigan.


NEW ADULT:  Ella is an average contemporary high school student. She’s intelligent but hides behind a thick pair of glasses and frumpy clothes. Her best friend Zoe is beautiful, popular and friends with all the right kids.

Grace is a hard-working lawyer, a champion for the little man.  Her dedication to her job supersedes any relationship - until she becomes obsessed with Aidan, a man she’s never met in person.  Work-related business has her dropping things off at Aidan’s apartment and watering his plants.

FANTASY:  “The Pearl” by Sandra Martinez is a fantasy tale set against the background of ancient China. Vampires, mermaids, dragons, gods and goddesses all populate this fictional world.

Chocolate Couture

Lilly Peradou, former Chocolatier and Food Network star is now a Pastry Chef, loving her new thriving business on Smith Street. The locals have accepted her and she finally feels at home with her family.