Dignity (To Be Sinclair #1)


Victor Sinclair is the Emperor of the Sinclair Demense. Single and hating the dates his secretary sets up for him, he requests that she find someone less…normal. Felicia has always done her own thing, studying anything science, math, or engineering related and logically attacking anything remotely unsolved with all of her might. Asked to be Victor’s date for one ball, neither realize how deeply it will change them. And the Demense.

Written as though Sinclair Demense is common knowledge, this first in a familial marathon of eight deliciously hands out the relevant history of this human colony, 500 years after the landing, in insatiably normal bits and hints; as if only a reminder is needed to fill in the blanks. Victor and Felicia are completely human, broken in different ways, in desperate need of each other, however neither bends to the will of the other. Heartfelt, logical conversations bring understanding and compromise. The only failing in this epic is the length and slowness of pace, as they figure their way through problems, internal and external. The chapters are very long. Many scenes could have been sewn together, or left out. In showing the passing of time, reading becomes laborious, even as you know something is just around the corner. Set in another world more advanced than ours, but with massive helpings of Victorian behavior, this unknown world feels completely normal and is instantly familiar. The beginning of the book outlines how future Sinclair’s will continue this saga: a tale so brilliantly woven, that even with its full length, it’s well worth the time it will take to read. And savor.

Julie York