Indigo Dawn (Josie Haw Chronicles #1)

Elle J.

Josephine Hawk is a Huntress, a breed of protectors that keep humans alive from the hungry other-worldly things that go bump in the night and eat them for dinner. Along with her closest friends and fighting companions, who just happen to be vampires, she keeps the streets of Nashville clean by killing. Werewolves, vampires, ancients, pixies and murks are all combining against her, bringing with them a horrifying drug.

The third installment of The Josie Hawk Chronicles (two prequels begin the series) starts off with her doing what she does best; killing things that want to kill humans. She is a snarky, bar-owning, smack-talking half-breed; something that in previous books was established as very negative Big Deal. The plotlines from the first two books are naturally woven into her inner dialogue, as the whole thing is told in first person, and even without reading the others, everything is understood. That inner dialogue is the only downfall of the book. It’s not offset in any way from the telepathy between her and her vampire lover, Keller, which becomes incredibly confusing, especially during action scenes where she’s plotting, and being snarky to him, at the same time. When any kind of offset is there, it isn’t consistent: sometimes in quotes, other times in italics, and sometimes with nothing to differentiate it at all. A handful of times the point-of-view switches to Keller’s, and is a surprisingly easy-to-understand transition. A provocative glimpse into the heart and mind of a heroine who is as alternately strong and weak as “normal people,” this read would make anyone believe that butt-kicking and sarcasm are an everyday occurrence, and will make the reader want more!

Julie York