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Living a pampered life in a castle of splendor, Verona is preparing for her mother’s coronation. All of the firstborn Sirens in the family have been queens of their realm, but Verona does not ever see herself wearing the crown. She has not come into her colors or powers yet. Apparently she is a late bloomer. Suddenly, during the coronation, a disturbance creates mass hysteria.

LGBTQ: Aiden Mercer gave up his life as a detective for a life on the beach where he can have all the noncommittal relationships he desires—oh, and also to avoid any magical creatures. Somehow, he is gifted with the ability to detect magical creatures. But soon trouble finds him in paradise as the deaths of magical creatures start adding up. Now, enter Nael Fouchard, a merman.

The Earl of Merton is back! It is quite a shock since it has been three years since he disappeared. He was kidnapped and press-ganged into the Navy. It is clear that someone wants him dead, but who? Because of his plight, he decides to start a shipyard. During this time, he meets a feisty American who is not afraid to speak her mind.

Jillian has always wanted to be a knight—or at least be able to fight like one. As she and her father run from her cousin who has taken over their home, she is determined to protect her ailing father at all costs. When Laird Macgregor comes across their camp, he offers them shelter, but at a price.

Police Detective Elijah Cain learns he has the power to destroy gods as the entity known as The Fallen One. His girlfriend, Celeste, is also a powerful goddess being hunted by an insane, cannibalistic demon known as the Assiri.