A Governess of Prodigious Skill (The Governess Bureau #4)

Emily EK

Helena Patrick is a famous actress who has given her life to the theater. Unfortunately, when her boss kicks her out of the theater she finds herself scrambling for a place to live and a new job. That is when she is referred to the Governess Bureau. Her strong memory grants her a chance to become a governess for the Fernsby’s, who have been dealing with their mother’s passing. While working as a governess, she meets Oscar Fernsby, Duke of Kilerth, who recognizes her as someone he met in London. Helena struggles to keep her identity hidden from Oscar and the rest of the Fernsby family, especially as passions erupt between Helena and Oscar.

This is a good book to read for good old-fashioned romance. There is a lot of predictability from the start, and readers can figure out the plot of the book after reading the first few chapters. Despite the predictability, the writing is splendid and there is a strong foundation to Helena and Oscar’s relationship. They are exciting and vulnerable, but in the last few chapters, their big argument felt forced and unnecessary, added simply for the sake of drama. Helena’s relationship with the Fernsby children is well-written and strengthens her character and the role she plays within the Governess Bureau. The inclusion of playwriting and acting with the children has a nice touch to remind readers who she really is and that she is hiding a secret from everyone. This is truly a lovely read for those looking for something light and joyful.

Sadie Wilson