My Funny Valentine (Jasper Falls #5)


Giovanni Mosconi is a comedian who is trying to make a name for himself. When Erin Montgomery, his childhood enemy, taunts him during one of his performances in Jasper Falls, he humiliates her in front of everyone. Later, Erin finds herself stranded in a blizzard after a car accident. Little does she know, Giovanni will come across her stranded car, and they will become trapped together trying to keep each other warm until morning, or until help arrives. Their relationship, while awkward at first, ignites quickly, and as their love for each other continues to grow, they both must decide if they can trust each other, or if they should keep their secrets to themselves.

“My Funny Valentine” is an amazing enemies-to-lovers story with fantastic character development. Each character has their own uniqueness which makes them relatable and very likable. Some of the struggles that the characters face are truly heart-wrenching. This book sheds some light on abuse from family members and describes grief and how it can affect people differently. With that said, there is physical and verbal abuse in certain scenes throughout the story. However, Ms. Michaels does a great job of counteracting that with some very light-hearted and romantic moments between Erin and Giovanni. An emotional roller coaster is probably the best way to describe this book. Ms. Michaels definitely knows how to pull at readers’ heartstrings. With so many quotable moments, this story is beautifully written and is sure to have readers devouring it in one sitting.

Jennifer Shepherd