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Griffith Halliwell, Earl of Pendlebury, is a known rake and more recently, a terrible landowner to his starving tenants. When Lady Susan Crompton not only calls him out on his outrageous behavior in court but also buys the very Thoroughbred that Halliwell desires, he decides to trick her into giving him the horse.

Blood Mark

SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Wrapped from head to toe by unusual and unique red patterns, Jane lives her life trying to keep her markings hidden and her secrets safe. Abandoned at birth, Jane’s life has been one tragedy after another from a car accident, a deadly house fire, and the debilitating narcolepsy that results in dream visions from the past where she witnesses horrific events.

The Wicked Bible
Sharon L.
Seeking a diversion, librarian Deborah Strong signs up for a conference on the history and future of libraries to get some ideas for her small town, and to enjoy the lovely New Hampshire setting. Her research project for the week leads her to examine connections between a misprinted Bible, and a letter written to a little-known nineteenth-century author.

Since discovering his so-called father had been lying to him his entire life and his beloved was beyond his reach, Sir Robert Benson fled Ashmead for London. After ten years, he’s back, and determined not to be made into something he’s always hated by an inheritance from the earl who fathered him.

Cindy and Jay DeMatteo are approaching the seven-year mark of their marriage, and after remodeling their dream home, they are looking for a bit of spark. The two are working to strengthen their relationship even as they confront obstacles they never could have imagined.