Blood Mark


SUSPENSE/THRILLER: Wrapped from head to toe by unusual and unique red patterns, Jane lives her life trying to keep her markings hidden and her secrets safe. Abandoned at birth, Jane’s life has been one tragedy after another from a car accident, a deadly house fire, and the debilitating narcolepsy that results in dream visions from the past where she witnesses horrific events. When visions of Rebecca in a psych ward start encompassing her dreams, she finds herself on a mission to find out who this lady is who can also see the past. As Jane dreams of her more often, she starts to notice something amiss with the doctor treating Rebecca and her concern grows all the while she starts noticing that her very own marks are disappearing. Unsure of what is happening or who she can trust, Jane must let go of some of her secrets in order to find the answers she needs to stay safe.

The answer to this year’s boredom, JP McLean’s novel is a fresh and original mystery thriller with a side of budding romance. The movement between the past and the present is captivating and adds an intriguing aspect to the storyline. Jane’s backstory slowly unfolds throughout, allowing the reader to understand her and connect with her on a deeper level. The development of all of the characters during the course of the tale was superb, with each of them showing some type of growth. The twists and turns will keep the reader in suspense until the very end when all is shockingly revealed. This gripping tale should be on every bookshelf this year!

Marie Sanderson