Don’t Bruise the Bananas (Cindy’s Crusades, #3)

Susan Jean

Cindy and Jay DeMatteo are approaching the seven-year mark of their marriage, and after remodeling their dream home, they are looking for a bit of spark. The two are working to strengthen their relationship even as they confront obstacles they never could have imagined. As they deal with growing older, they remember what they love most about one another, told in flashbacks to the earlier days of their marriage.

This is a unique story that packs a punch, though not in typical romance fashion. The emotional examination of a relationship in various stages is enough to rouse sentiment in the most closed-off readers. Those who don’t wish to have their emotions engaged should possibly steer clear of this one, but anyone wanting a brief trip through the emotional ringer may enjoy the journey and be led to examine their own relationships and grow ever more thankful for the special people in their lives. This story won’t be for everyone, but it has a wide range of potential appeal, from those who are just beginning their marriage journey to those who’ve become perhaps a little too complacent with their partner. The meandering style may be off-putting for those who prefer a more traditionally defined plot, rather than a story that reads more like a memoir, and the heroine’s neuroses take some getting used to. The flashbacks make the storyline confusing and discombobulated and the conversational dialogue comes off stilted in places, but they do provide humor and lightness to an otherwise emotional story. This poignant tale of love and loss will be uplifting and enjoyable for some and maybe a bit depressing for others.

Niki Price