Recent Reviews

Dark Season

Ella Arlington has been told her entire life that her epilepsy is a taint in her blood and will prevent her from ever having a normal life.

The Duke’s Last Hunt
Rosanne E.

After three seasons, Eliza Malcolm despairs of finding a husband.

Wedding planner Adri Pyper has been looking forward to her trip to Hawaii for the destination wedding of her clients Malia and Kyle.  It’s not all leis and last-minute arrangeme

Rex, the Ex, and the Hex
Sherry Fowler

Rex Davis is convinced that his ex-girlfriend, Naomi, has put a hex on him and that he is doomed to never have a successful relationship with a woman ever again.  He enlists the help of his best friend, Agatha Marsden, in trying all kinds of weird and wacky ways to lift the curse.  At the same time investigative reporter Aggie is covering a murder trial where Naomi’s half-brother is the accused

Alice Miller is a descendant of a WWII hybrid werewolf experiment that has been kept a secret among their pack for many years.