Howl Sassy (Animal in Me #4)


Alice Miller is a descendant of a WWII hybrid werewolf experiment that has been kept a secret among their pack for many years. A chance meeting with Sebastian Von Drake, alpha of one of the oldest wolf packs, has Alice quickly discovering that he is difficult to ignore. Attracted to him but afraid to expose herself and her family, she seeks guidance from her grandfather. When it is clear that true love is destined for his granddaughter, he approves the union and hopes to the gain the protection they are in much need of from a former pack rival gunning to destroy them all.


The beginning is violent and a little gruesome, but will fill readers with anticipation of what's to come. Paranormal fans, read on full steam ahead! The relationship between Alice and Bastian is very hot. Things might cool off for readers, though, when they become too familiar too quickly, with not enough time for the reader to adjust. The lust is much more prevalent than the love and for some romantics it may be a letdown of sorts. There is certainly more than meets the eye with this story however, and the backstory is so well put together - intriguing and elaborate - that it is difficult to walk away once one begins. Fast paced and a good choice for those who enjoy shifter, paranormal and urban fantasy style reads.


Margaret Faria