Rex, the Ex, and the Hex

Sherry Fowler

Rex Davis is convinced that his ex-girlfriend, Naomi, has put a hex on him and that he is doomed to never have a successful relationship with a woman ever again.  He enlists the help of his best friend, Agatha Marsden, in trying all kinds of weird and wacky ways to lift the curse.  At the same time investigative reporter Aggie is covering a murder trial where Naomi’s half-brother is the accused.  Aggie becomes convinced that he’s not guilty, but can she track down the true killer without harm coming to herself, Rex, or her little dog Tex?

Readers will be attracted to this book by its fun title, expecting a lighthearted rom-com with a paranormal twist. And so it begins, although halfway through the mystery element of the story takes over, the humor is mostly lost and one feels like they are reading a different book.  With some grammar issues, one or two sections where it feels like the author is trying to preach her views on transgender people, and the story passing randomly between Rex and Aggie’s points of view, the reader may not find this an easy or very engaging read.  It’s also surprising to discover partway through that Rex is actually an unconvincing Brit.  Along with his lack of maturity and Aggie’s seemingly superhuman physical endurance later on in the book, neither of them is very realistic.  However, readers will be delighted that they do have their Happily Ever After ending.

Heather Belleguelle