Recent Reviews

From Afar

Morgan Stanfield is a thirty something-ish man who is looking for love after his long-time relationship didn’t work out. Not finding it on American soil, he begins his search on the internet, on a Russian bride site, no less!

Cop on Her Doorstep

All that Jake Stefani wanted was to be a policeman so when he is placed on administrative leave, life as he knows it seems to crumble around him. Until he comes face to face with his neighbor, Carrie Padilla. 

Trail of Redemption

Estelle Ripley and Graham Tremaine come from different backgrounds. She grew up in a plantation. He is a wounded soldier from a horse farm. They meet on a wagon trail and eventually fall for each other.  But Estelle has a secret which she fears can ruin her chance at happiness with Graham.

Bit and pieces of a woman’s body are dredged up from a makeshift grave and flow with the deluge during a Las Vegas downpour.

Sofia’s beloved step-father has died and left the family company in a three-way split between her step-brother, Allen, who hates her, and a past lover, Dante, who broke her heart six years ago.